Egi Pro Product Review

Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid

Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid

Gosen Squid fishing braid

Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid

squid fishing braid

First Impressions

Gosen have a long history with manufacturing which ranges from PE fishing line, tennis strings and all the way down to fake hair, Gosen specialise in string so my expectations are higher than any other fishing brand that has PE braid in their line up because Gosen manufactures this stuff and they have several squid fishing products to choose from.

At first glance it is the packaging that we all know and have seen before, spooled with 120m of 0.6 PE Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid with a 5.7kg (12lb) braking strain it looks and feels the goods and after a quick snap test has proved strong enough to throw it on a spool, tie a PR knot to add some leader and try the Gosen Aorika Egi Fire Braid.


Long Term Impression

The Gosen Aorika Egi Fire Braid casts like a dream and is overall an impressive product which you would expect for the price tag and the fact that Gosen specialises in manufacturing these kinds of products, the braid has an orange/pink base colour with line marking every 5 metres that are a metre long which is a nice change over some smaller markings that I have used in the past. I have not yet suffered any line wrap or wind knots which is a good sign as jigging, wind and micro guides is where line wrap and wind knots like to occur.

The colour stands up better than other coloured high performance braid used in the past and after soaking the Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid in the salt for a fair while now I am confident that this braid will hold up over time which is exactly what a high end braid should be expected to do.

The braid floats nice giving confidence in shallow rocks and overall performance, it easy to see at night which is important so that you can see a strike before feeling it. The braid carries vibration and movement to the rod very well and I feel that overall it is a high performer.



Gosen AorIIka Egi Fire Braid does everything that I could ask for in a squid fishing braid and the only bummer in my opinion is the price of these types of braid’s, but thats squid fishing. Definatly would purchase this product in the future if I come across it stocked at the same places that I purchase gear from.