Egi Pro Product Review

Chinese Banggood Squid Jigs



Recently here at Egi Pro we purchased some cheap basement bargain type of squid jigs (egis) for an upcoming challenge that we will be writing a future article on and for this challenge we purchased several jigs from simply due to the cheap price and the colour options that the website had to choose from, we had never ordered from this site before and the jigs arrived rather quickly.

Granted that we knew what we were in for, hence the challenge we decided to do a review so that others may also be aware of the main quality issues faced with these types of cheaper squid jigs (egis) and although we believe that many other cheap jigs display the same quality issues this review is for the products that we purchased from only which is a selection from the following two different jig styles.


  • 13.5cm Reflective Squid Hook Fishing lures Squid Jigs Lures Wood Shrimp Bait Lures Lure
  • 3.5# Reflective Squid Jigs Wood Shrimp Prawn Fishing Lures Catfish Bait Shrimp 13-18



The Cloth Seam

Probably the most common problem for cheaper jigs is the cloth falling apart at the joining seam that is located at the bottom of the squid jig (egi) and often will become apparent after being soaked in the ocean and the cloth starting to open up after a short period of usage, already one is showing this issue after unpacking and it is clear that either no glue or sub par glue does not securely hold the cloth in place. Squid Jig cloth seam



The Barbs

When it comes to the barbs we do not want a new jig to have bent ones however on several items this was the case after unpacking and is most likely due to not enough packaging to save the items from transport damage rather than actually being built and shipped in this damaged state. The good news is that the barbs are infact sharp and the bent ones can be bent back to the correct placement. Squid Jig barbs



The Nose Cloth

At the nose end of a cloth squid jig (egi) we want the cloth to be securely fixed so that it does not wear and start to fall away from the jig and unfortunately upon inspection the threading used to accomplish this task from our knowledge is not properly fixed or glued in place to stop this from happening as it not only unwinds with ease one has already started to unwind before we had a chance to open the package. Squid Jig nose cloth



The Layering

Other expected defects would be how precise the layering process of the squid jig (egi) was during the manufacturing to ensure that no folds in the foil occur or if any other manufacturing contaminants can make the way into a layer prior to the final cloth covering which would cause the overall finish to blemish, one particular jig for whatever reason clearly shows how this can affect the finished quality. Squid Jig layering



Final Thoughts

Normally at this point we would add some images to showcase the products ability to catch squid however due to these products needing added glue by the user for any chance of long term usability we believe that by adding images would not be fair product representation.