Egi Pro Product Review

Breaden Egi Snaps

Breaden Egi Snaps


breaden egi snap


First Impressions

After tying several brands of Egi Snaps I instantly prefer using the Breaden version for the ease of use, with no clip type mechanism or over complicated design to make changing a squid jig (Egi) in the dark an unnecessarily difficult task it is a pleasure to use and certainly allows for a speedy squid jig (Egi) change.

The twist on and off design boasts both ease of use and durability and certainly allows the user to concentrate more on the squid than  anything else, I would argue that it takes longer for a squid jig (Egi) to fall from your hand and hit the floor than it does to either take off a squid jig (Egi) or to put one on the Breaden Egi Clip.


Long Term Impression

After using the Breaden Egi Clips for well over a year I am confident in the strength of the product as I am yet to see one fail, bend or buckle, initially I was sceptical about the durability of the design but that all quickly changed almost instantly after using the product and understanding that it is a solid product.

The amount of time it takes to change a squid jig (Egi) is insanely quick and after a few changeovers it is an easy task to to in the dark and because of the open design does not have moving parts or require one to have long fingernails.

With countless hours of aggressive jigging, tidal flow, wind and aggressive jigging with a slacker line I have given the Breaden Egi Clip every chance to suffer from line wrap, wear and tear or to display random odd behaviour and the only thing to note is that the loop ring is designed similar to a key ring and sometimes my knot will sit slightly to one side after snugging up to a shallower point in the ring, it is not an issue for me and if it was then all I would have to do is to tie a loop knot or something similar to give a bit of movement room rather than a tight snug knot like I presently use. Overall I have no issues other than enjoying this product, how easy it is to use and its durability.



Breaden Egi Clips are my preferred egi clip simply for the easy of use, it is insanely easy to swap out squid jigs even in low light due to no moving parts.