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South Australia Squid Bag Limit

The information on this page may be outdated, please visit PIRSA Fisheries to ensure you comply to local laws.


South Australia Squid Fishing Overview

PIRSA Fisheries makes reference to Southern Calamari (Squid) scientifically known as “Sepioteuthis australis” and imposed a different bag limit for both Personal daily bag limit and also a Daily boat limit. There are currently no bag or boat limits for arrow squid.

In South Australia, recreational fishers using rods and lines don’t need a licence.  Licences are required for recreational lobster pots, recreational nets, and for commercial fishing. 


South Australia Squid Bag Limits And Restrictions

  • Personal daily bag limit: A total of 15 including squid and cuttlefish
  • Daily boat limit: A total of 45 including Southern Calamari (Squid) and cuttlefish
  • Closure: The taking of all cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopus) is prohibited at all times in the waters of False Bay, Spencer Gulf, near Whyalla
  • Arrow Squid: No current restrictions apply to Arrow Squid



Last Checked: 19 / December / 2015


PIRSA Fisheries Links

Website: PIRSA Fisheries

PIRSA Fisheries restrictions on Southern Calamari (Squid) can be found Here

Contacting PIRSA Fisheries for your own clarification can be done from the PIRSA Contact Page..

Licence Information Link: Recreational Lobster Pots, Recreational Nets, and for Commercial Fishing.